Old House Farm

Doing what we love, sharing what we do.

Welcome to Old House Farm

We are a small-scale, certified organic family farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Located in Scotts Valley, our warm sunny south-facing hillsides are at 900 feet in elevation, allowing us to grow a wide range of seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit year-round. We also have four additional sites within five miles, each with its own unique microclimate, including old orchards of apple and pear trees as well as new plantings of heritage varieties. Our commitment to sustainable organic methods is essential in preserving the delicate forest ecology that surrounds us, and we are equally committed to rebuilding the local food economy by making fresh organic food available and affordable at our local farmers' markets. We are always looking for new and creative ways to form partnerships in our community with schools, businesses, and organizations. 

Who We Are

We are a family of three generations living and farming together in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Where to Find Us

We can be found at these farmers' markets: Felton on Tuesdays, Downtown Santa Cruz on Wednesdays, Scotts Valley on Saturdays, and Los Gatos on Sundays.  

What We Grow

At Old House Farm, we have a wonderful microclimate that allows us to grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. This year we are expanding our planting of heirloom dry beans!

"In nature's economy, the currency is not money, it is life."

Vandana Shiva 

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